This is the story of a woman’s life—her childhood, her education, her marriage and family. But mostly, this is the story of a woman who, back at college in her middle age, found herself immersed in a centuries old mystery that captured her mind and imagination. The mystery that entranced Dolores was centered in the poet and storyteller Geoffrey Chaucer.
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Many claim Chaucer lacks “high seriousness.” That’s not the way I see it. Depth and seriousness have gone unnoticed. Here is a character study of Our Host, who is generally referred to as Herry by those who write about him. Chaucer, in contrast, NEVER addressed him by any name except “the Host.” He must have had a reason.
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This is the “naughty” book about the poet himself. It begins with details of Chaucer’s life. Facts that have often been misconstrued or suppressed about the charge of “raptus” are included. When called upon, Pilgrim Chaucer tells a bawdy story, but crudity is never used for its own sake. (Changing the dominant verb in Modern English adaptations sure dulls down the story.) When the naughty tale is halted—significantly, by the Host—the pilgrim poet gets a second chance.
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A long-concealed riddle is brought to light here. Each pilgrim is a colorful strand in a layered fabric of double identities. Hidden within these identities are the imperative reasons for this splendid masquerade.
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A book for fun. A new twist for lovers of words. It makes the vocabulary of Middle English readable.
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In the 3 Chaucer books, I’m telling the story of the adventure of my search. The books are actually a trilogy; their information is interconnected. As a set, they are known as The Poet’s Pilgrimage. They may be found in many academic libraries. Harvard, Berkeley, Ohio State, and Columbia University are examples. Municipal libraries, such as the Cleveland Public Library, also have them.

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