Sites Worth Seeing  


This is by no means an exhaustive list of helpful sites of things Chaucer. But I have enjoyed poking about in these places, and I’m sure you can connect with everything else by starting with these.

Online Research in Medieval Studies:


[A visual feast! An award-winning presentation, with information on Chaucer and a whole lot more. Spend some time there. You'll be glad you did.]


"TEAMS was originally founded as a committee of the Medieval Academy of America to develop new ways to support the teaching activities of its members. It was later re-organized as an independent nonprofit educational corporation whose mission continues to be the support of teaching in medieval studies at the undergraduate, secondary, and elementary school level through the provision of resources and the sharing of techniques."

[Have you seen their new online magazine?]

  • Scientia Scholae
    "Our mission is simple: to provide quality, thought-provoking articles related to the teaching of Medieval Studies in elementary and secondary schools."

The New Chaucer Society

“The purpose of the New Chaucer Society is to provide a forum for teachers and scholars of Geoffrey Chaucer and his age.”

“Participation in NCS congresses is restricted to active members of the Society. Membership in the New Chaucer Society is open to all persons interested in the study of Chaucer and his age.”