2008 Chaucer Celebration   


Here are the pictures  from the 2008 Celebration. Click here to see 2007's pictures and movies,  here to see 2006's pictures or here to see 2005's pictures.
The celebration consists of two parts. First, there is a memorial Mass to honor the author's request. Then the festivities move to the hall for a party featuring food and drink from Chaucer's time. Finally, there is a series of readings in Middle English with the very last being a chance for everyone to recite the lines of the General Prologue memorized so long-ago : Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote . . . It makes for a jolly ending to the celebration of Chaucer.
Note: this year, the Mass was recorded by Classic Elegance and they can be contacted for a DVD (sgbmgb@aol.com or 909-596-0542).
Dolores Cullen introducing Chaucer Mass Fr. Thom presiding
Barbar reading Old Testament
Congregation and Tapistry
 Musicians with period intruments and guitar player
Chior with handbells
Fr Tom leaving church     Dancer
Food we served.
    People getting food
Food line
People selecting Middle English Food
Allison reading with Ray following along Selena reading with Dolores
Toast to Chaucer
Group Reading