The 2009 Celebration   


The inspiration for the Chaucer celebration came from Chaucer’s final prayer-- “Now preye I to hem alle that herkne this litel tretys or rede . . . I biseke yow mekely, for the mercy of God, that ye preye for me . . . that I may been oon of hem at the day of doome that shulle be saved.” We begin with a Mass and follow with festivities.
Here are the pictures  from the 2009 Celebration. Choose from the list below to see prior years' celebrations:
This sequence of pictures takes you through the evenings activities. We start with the preparations in setting up the hall and the musicians getting ready to perform. Students from OLA assist with the organizing. Then there are several views of the 5:30 Mass in honor of Chaucer. After that we move to the hall, line up for the food and drink—dark bread, cheese, pasties from a medieval recipe, grapes, apple cider, and of course mead. While everyone enjoys the refreshments our stalwart readers of Middle English do a recitation to entertain the gathering. And as the fitting ending, everyone is invited to proclaim in unison the opening lines of the General Prologue. Those who memorized the lines long ago need not be embarrassed if they have forgotten them. Copies of the lines are available in handouts.
Preparations in the hall
Preparing for the talk

Doloras giving instructions Initiial Directions for Party Setup

Mass in honor of Chaucer
Chior with Musicians Doloras doing Introduction before Chaucer Mass
Msgr O'Reilly opening Chaucer Mass Musicians Playing at Communion
Final Blessing First Reading Offertory

Reception in the Hall
Food First, queue Serveing Mede
Getting Mead. Period Food: pasties. Awaiting their next task, young helpers
Getting Food Tasting food Discussing Chaucer

Chaucer Readings
Allison reading Ray reading Lady reader

Proclaiming  the General Prologue, 

Dolores Reading

in unison, as the fitting end. Right leaf