Our 2010 Chaucer Celebration   

The inspiration for the Chaucer celebration comes from Chaucer’s final prayer-- “Now preye I to hem alle that herkne this litel tretys or rede . . . I biseke yow mekely, for the mercy of God, that ye preye for me . . . that I may been oon of hem at the day of doome that shulle be saved.” We begin with a Mass and follow with festivities.
It’s been 10 years plus that we’ve had special Chaucer celebrations. The first was in the year 2000, the 600th anniversary of the poet’s death. In 2005 we finally took pictures! Earlier celebrations can be seen by clicking on the year: 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; and 2009.

Time for a Big “Thank You”

It’s time to recognize many people who were there at the beginning, and those who now work to make each year a grand event.
Thanks to Barbara who planted the seed of Chaucer’s request for prayer. And thanks to Father Tom for insisting the sprout be given full sun. As the years went on and the project took root, others came to tend the seedling and help it to thrive as it does today.
Full Church for Mass

Msgr O'Reilly
When Father Tom moved to another parish, Father Peter became the natural choice to say the Mass. He inserts Latin of earlier days into the ritual—and knows the Middle English of Chaucer as well.
Musica Ficta, an early music ensemble, each year explores exciting, challenging music from Chaucer’s period.
Ann has been in charge of the music for the Mass—instrumental and vocal—for many years.
Cantor: Ann Longnecker

Singers perform medieval chants and songs.

A reception in the hall follows the church service.

queuing for food

Sandra, who teaches at OLA, has young assistants. They oversee all the necessaries at the reception.  We can’t forget to do a long range thank you to Professor Constance Hieatt for the pasties recipe in her cookbook Pleyn Delit. They are yummy crowd-pleasers. And she gets another thank you for her email advice regarding beverages. Frank is our annual, stalwart wine steward. Karen assists him.
The Servers

preparing the food table

Food table
Our Thespian group provides a bit of Middle English entertainment each year. This year we told the Pardoner’s story.
Our Readers
Catherine tends my ideas in print.
Catharine selling books

Those who attend may be here for the first time—or may be “regulars.” There are young and old, as well.
Families Came
Jean catches folks on film and sends out publicity ahead of time.
Jean McCenna

people sitting down and sharing
More people Sitting Down
Tes & Granville Henry Bill Wicks & Msgr O'Reilly Freinds Came
Old Friends Mother and Daughter more crowd

Proclamation of the General Prologue followed by a toast to Chaucer

Getting Ready for the reading and toast The assembled raise their glasses of mead in a toast
man standing

I’m grateful to Judith who is liaison between musicians of the Middle Ages and the world today, and provides other general assistance.

And last, but surely not least, is a big thank you to Bill, who stays on the other side of the camera, and works his magic on this website for the world to see.

Join us in 2011 if you can—Saturday, October 29.