Our 2011 Chaucer Celebration   

The inspiration for the Chaucer celebration came from Chaucer’s final prayer-- “Now preye I to hem alle that herkne this litel tretys or rede . . . I biseke yow mekely, for the mercy of God, that ye preye for me . . . that I may been oon of hem at the day of doome that shulle be saved.” We begin with a Mass and follow with festivities.
Earlier celebrations can be seen by clicking on the year: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005.

A pensive Father Tom paused before the Mass began. (Father O’Reilly, our celebrant in recent years, was in Ireland.) We were delighted to have Father Tom fit Chaucer into his busy schedule at Good Shepherd Parish.
Pensive Fr. Tom
Eleanor Bill
Eleanor, Bill, and Karen were “regulars” who came again to partake of the medieval atmosphere.

Brian Everett & Friend
Meighan & Gilberto
Brian, Everett, Meighan and Gilberto were first-timers. The music especially pleased them.

And this year was a first for my grandchildren attending with their children.

Cristina Cullen w/Eva, Drew and Shean

Cristina Cullen, managed her brood alone because Andrew, the dad, had to work. Here she is with Eva, Drew, and Sean waiting for Mass to begin.
Matt & Lainy w/Matt, Jr, Sabrina and Lincoln

Matt and Lainy Cullen and their children—Matt, Jr., Sabrina, and Lincoln—exit church on their way to the auditorium.
Rachel & Cameron w/Xavier, Olivia & Max w/freinds

And enjoying refreshments in the auditorium are Rachel and Cameron Medina with Xavier, Olivia, and Max.

The evening wouldn't be complete without a bit of mead and a bit of Middle English.
Jon w/beard and glass
Bearded Jon, with glass of mead in hand, led us in our annual toast to Geoffrey.
Wife of Bath's Tale Ending
A joyful conclusion to the evening’s entertainment (presented in Middle English) was the happy-ever-after ending of the Wife of Bath’s Tale.

A grand time was had by all.

Come join us next time—5:30 Mass, Saturday, October 27, 2012.

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